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We have a lot of eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural products to help you live a more healthier and low-zero waste lifestyle. 

Product Spotlights

Lip Balm
Peppermint Lavender
Wild Orange & Grapefruit
Spearmint Green Mandarin
Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Cuticle & Dry Hand Cream

We will be honest that this cream is a little greasy BUT it works so good!! All you need is a small amount and rub in. 

Dry Shampoo

Your best friend so you can hold off on washing your hair another day. Our dry shampoo is made from simple, natural ingredients and comes in 2 hair color options.


Have an eco-friendly and natural product that you have been looking for? Let us know! 

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Bonus Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Products
As a small, getting up and going shop, we can't offer everything we know our customers need. So... here are some links to products we think you will love just as much as we do!
(Some of the below are affiliate links but don't worry they are at no extra cost to you. You might even save $$.)

Natural Solutions:
Want to know a secret? You can refill your stain stick AND multi-purpose cleaner with On Guard Cleaner Concentrate! LOVE a multi-functional product that's natural, healthy, and effective. One bottle is enough for twelve 16oz cleaner refills PLUS we love reusing the concentrate bottles to make other products so return to us as part of our Buy-Back Program. 

doTERRA has the best, pure, and ethically sourced essential oils on the market. From the first and ONLY pharmaceutical grade Lavender to the Abode line of packaged conscious surface cleaner, detergents, hand soap, and dish soap. We are VERY big fans. You could get these products retail at My Eco Shop or you could save 25% off with a no-regular-orders-obligation membership of your own! If you have any questions, please reach out to maggie@myecoshopakron.com.

Save 25% off on Dishwasher Pods and Laundry Pods and get them auto-shipped each month. 
Both come in bags made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again!

We personally use these diapers and can tell you there was a lot of research done to find biodegradable/compostable diapers after cloth diapers wasn't going to work for kid #2. We recommend their diapers, pull-ups, and wipes. Bambo Nature

Sustainability Packaged Ready to Eat Meals:
Their food is built on organic, whole, fruits + vegetables. They work directly with farmers to grow the best produce and freeze it all at the source to lock in that amazing flavor and unmatched nutrition. We also love that they use sustainable packaged! Daily Harvest