About My Eco Shop

You don’t have to be perfect when wanting to be more environmentally friendly. You don’t have to change every product in your kitchen, bathroom, or medicine cabinet over night. You start with one reusable bag. Saving one glass jar to reuse for another purpose. Saying no to the plastic bottle of water and remembering to bring your reusable bottle with you. 

I decided to start My Eco Shop as I saw a need in the Greater Akron area for a local store where people can buy reusable, sustainable, and natural products for themselves and their homes. Being environmentally friendly or switching to natural solutions for your health doesn’t have to be complicated either. It can seem overwhelming with so many options online or even when at bigger retail stores. My hope for My Eco Shop is that people can discover one solution (rather its a bamboo toothbrush that can be composted instead of thrown away or refillable cleaners) that leads to second and third eco-switch. 

By shopping local, you also know you are supporting a small business owned by a member of your community. That also means you are helping small business owners give back to yours and their community, be it in small or big ways. I would love for My Eco Shop to be a hub for eco-consense people where we can gather, talk, and do good. 

-Maggie Spangler, owner

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